We met with Tom (about 7 months before the expected due date of our second child). We designed the project together, and the major demolition started on December 29th. We moved back in to our completed home on May 2nd, and our daughter was born on May 15th. We choose Designer’s Choice because of the crew that is on site everyday of the project. They show up early, they work hard, and they care. They did a tremendous amount of work in a short period of time. We had them under the gun on timing the entire project and they held up. They demo’d the second story of our home and re-framed it while working under tarps in the rain. Tom is committed to satisfying his customers – probably to a fault. they added over 1000sq ft to our home in 4 months. in a major renovation, there are occasions where you don’t know what’s behind the wall until you open it up. Tom worked hard to keep the project moving forward when we hit any areas of concern. More importantly, Tom has come back to address any areas of concern and remains active around the job. My 4 year old (then 2 1/2 -3) still talks about the crew all the time.